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4 Marketing Tips for Startups

By Mckenna Clarke, blog writer at TOP CFOS

Marketing. Sometimes it’s almost like a shudder that goes through a room when that word is said. I was at a networking event the other night and the presenter asked what came to mind when we think of marketing. Several people said things like, “selling”, “pushy”, “annoying”, and “advertising”, which I think is typical for a lot of us.

Is this what you think of when you think of marketing? Many people seem to view marketing as a necessary evil of the business world. Especially if you are a startup, marketing can seem overwhelming and take the back burner among all your responsibilities as a business owner.

Today we bring you a few marketing tips that can help combat negative stereotypes:

Smarket, don’t market. 

A good business owner markets. A fantastic business owner smarkets. Smarketing isn’t a made-up word; it’s the integration of sales and marketing. When your sales team is communicating with your marketing team, and they are working together to capture leads and turn them into sales, you are like an uber-efficient hybrid car system that gives you more mileage for less fuel.


A car is only as good as it’s speedometer, odometer, and other measuring systems. If those are broken, you can only make imprecise guesses about the speed, direction, and condition of your car. The more precise the measuring system, the better you know what needs to be fixed. The same goes for marketing. We love our monitoring system that delivers precise reports about leads and visits, and also has a great CRM. Measuring everything about your marketing lets you know exactly what strategies are effective and where you can improve.

Know your target audience. 

Conduct some market research to know exactly who you’re marketing toward. Are your best clients men in their 50s who own property and are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle? Or are they new mothers in their late 20s who have 1-2 children? Figuring out exactly who you want to sell to will help you narrow your focus. Having a target also means you don’t have to spend as much marketing to a broad audience.


They say you get out what you put in. Even as a young startup, marketing will be the lifeblood of your business if you make it that. Put down the cash that it will take to get a good CMO, or even a part-time CMO, who can help you strategize a good marketing plan. It may seem like a huge investment at the beginning, but like all good investments, you will see the benefits as your company grows.

Powerful, strategic marketing has the potential to change your startup into a sensational success. It’s worth putting in the time and money it takes to make your business grow.

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