TOP CFOS was founded by Randy Russon in July 2012. TOP CFOS is one of the world’s finest outsourced CFO services firms. We provide CFO services that cover the entire spectrum, all the way from bookkeeping to CFO-level services. Our tag line and mission statement say it best—creating shareholder value.

Our engagements are for the purpose of creating shareholder value for the firms we serve. Smaller firms will engage our value-added CFO services simply for the purpose of helping them interpret their financial information correctly. We also assist them in making smart business decisions, taking a seat at the strategy table, and helping these firms find ways to grow and gain market share. We love serving clients who put finances first. One service that sets our firm apart is the ability to find hidden profit centers in companies.

We find hidden profit centers in firms large and small. Larger firms, with a full-time CFO, will engage us simply for this purpose: finding the hidden profit centers. Smaller firms welcome this service as well. Please remember that a good CFO is worth their weight in gold; if you want your firm to go places, engage our services.

We offer an initial complimentary consultation for our services. Call to schedule an appointment today!

Other Services We Offer

  • Finding Hidden Profit Centers
  • Financial Analysis
  • GAAP Compliant Accounting System Setup, Cleanup, or Restructuring
  • Profitable Pricing Strategies
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Guiding Business Turnarounds
  • Funding Sources
  • Franchising
  • Business Succession Planning

Industries We Serve

  • 1. Consumer Goods & Services
  • 2. Financial Services
  • 3. Food & Beverage
  • 4. Health Care
  • 5. Housing & Real Estate
  • 6. Manufacturing
  • 7. Printing & Publishing
  • 8. Transportation & Logistics

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