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Be A Team Player

Today’s post is by Scott Russon, Social Media Director at TOP CFOS

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If you have ever played basketball, or almost any other sport, you know it takes a team to win. Personally I’ve played and watched numerous basketball games, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you need to be a team player to succeed. If you or someone else tries to be a hero and play against the other team alone, you will lose every time. The same applies to companies; you need to look out for and help your coworkers.

When you are working at a company with others, you should all have the same goal for the company’s success. Usually, the more success a company has, the more they are willing to pay you. As the saying goes, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” So it is in everyone’s best wishes for the company to do well. Helping your fellow coworker on a project or performing a simple task for them can do more than you think.

Think about it, how would you feel if one day you showed up for work, and you found that your coworker had finished filing a stack of files for you? Wouldn’t you be super ecstatic and grateful? Just because of that simple act of kindness, you would want to go completely out of your way to do something nice for them. Imagine an entire company running like this every day – it would be unstoppable. When everyone on board plays like a team player, they get things done, and that’s how you take a company to the top.

I know that if a company runs as a team, they will go far. Singles go places, but groups go much farther. You want to have teams that are dedicated and motivated. If your company struggles working together, you can set the example as the CEO or even as an employee. Start a trend yourself and hope others catch on. But, if your company is really having issues getting along, then some adjustments need to be made or new staff needs to come on board.

Working as a team is a plus, because you watch out for each other, and you are happy for everyone’s success. It helps drive you individually to work harder and become better, because of the support and motivation you get from everyone else as a team. Be a part of that team and help your company succeed.

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