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My Best Customer Service Story

By Mckenna Gustafson, blogger at TOP CFOS

After having heard and read quite a few horrible customer service stories lately, I started thinking about my own best customer service experience. I had been living and volunteering in Central Mexico one summer and the directors of the program had just told us that the length of the program had been shortened. I was excited to learn that I would have an extra 10 days off from the rigorous teaching and volunteering schedule that had gone on for four months. But I had no way to get home. My flight wasn’t meant to leave until the originally scheduled time. 

I immediately called Delta international and their representative told me that it would be $200 to get the flight changed. She informed me that the only possible way that I could change my flight for a lower fee would be if there were a funeral or a medical emergency. Sound like a good customer service experience? It wasn’t.

I was frustrated, but not deterred.

So I called Delta again, this time to the domestic US number and I knew this was going to be a completely different experience. The representative came on the line right away. He was extremely genuine and friendly, asking me about my service in Mexico as I explained the situation to him. He told me the same thing that the other woman had, that normally there would be a $200 change fee to switch the flight. I asked him if there was anything he could do. I was just hoping to get home to enjoy my extra ten days with my family.

He said, “Let me see what I can do.” I waited a few tense moments while he did some typing and clicking. Finally, he came back on the line and said, “As a courtesy to you, ma’am, we’re going to waive the fee for you today.” Because of his generous customer service, I was able to save my money and my trip. He didn’t have to waive the fee for me, but he took the opportunity to offer me a break. It’s real people who do what they can to actually be of service to others that make a great customer service team. After all, service is in the name.

Shout out to Delta and their great customer service! I am looking forward to many more years of flying with them.

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