Company Culture

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When traveling to another country, you experience a culture change – people act a certain way. The same goes for companies – each one has their own unique culture that can be identified. Oxford Dictionaries defines culture as, “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.” Each person represents the whole group.

Every company needs to have a working company culture. It’s not necessarily a set of rules, but a feeling that you get within the work environment that contributes to the success of the company. It can be seen through the habits of your company. For example, customer service, employee relationships, wages, business hours, dress code, job turnovers, etc., all reflect the current company culture. The following is a bad example of company culture.

Imagine walking into a grocery store. The aisles are empty, your feet are clinging to the floor because it hasn’t been mopped in over a week. The few employees there keep glancing at the clock for the end of their shift. No one cares about you, because the employees aren’t valued enough. On the other hand, imagine pulling into a tire shop. You’re about to get out of your car when the manager grabs it for you. He asks, “How may I help you today?” You’re escorted in and taken care of immediately. You look around and notice there’s a dozen employees full of energy. This is the kind of company culture every business needs to have.

Each individual brings a unique characteristic to the group, and every time someone new comes on board, the culture transforms. During the hiring process you want to find qualified, enthusiastic, and outgoing employees that will add to and support the current company culture. It’s important that you provide a flowing company culture that works in your favor. A well-functioning culture can improve employee productivity, customer relations, and the overall health of the business. As a side note, Adobe has fitness centers at some of their locations to promote the wellness of their employees. Adobe stated, “We want you to feel well so you can perform at your best, both professionally and personally.”

There are things that can be done to improve company culture. It starts at the top where the leaders need to set the example and make a change in the daily grind so everyone recognizes the new environment. A good place to start is by looking over your goals and objectives, along with your mission and vision statements.

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