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By Tyler Garrett, executive assistant to Randy Russon, founder of TOP CFOS

In DK Essential Managers: How to Delegate, Robert Heller teaches us,

“Delegation is empowerment, and that is the mainspring of better work.”

Employees love leaders who empower them to make decisions and perform at their peak capacity. When leaders know how to delegate effectively, employees are inspired to do their very best.

Another advantage to delegating is that it creates more time for leaders to think. Many great ideas come during the quiet hours of contemplation. Heller says,

“By delegating effectively, you can reorganize your time to allow strategic planning, or thinking, to occupy the largest segment of your time. Delegation and effective use of information technology could triple the time available for thinking to about 60% of the workweek.”

But remember, employees may not always agree with your point of view. If that’s the case, remember Heller’s words:

“Disagreement is not insubordination, and must not be treated as such.”

You may ask an employee for their opinion about how to accomplish a certain task. Their opinion may disagree with yours. But, as Heller points out, this is not insubordination. In fact, differing points of view are sometimes very healthy for an organization!

After delegating, Heller says,

“Be aware that a helpful attitude may be perceived as interference. Meet at regular times for feedback sessions, but not too frequently.”

So, hire great people, then get out of the way! Don’t stand in the way of employees who wants to excel.

Delegating is so important to any leader’s success. For example, three great leaders who have learned to effectively delegate are:

1. Frederick W. Smith, Chairman and CEO of FedEx. Mr. Smith is the founder of FedEx and built this global business into a $45 billion empire.

2. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. Mr. Bezos has been able to expand Amazon’s value to $140 billion.

3. Lavell Edwards, BYU’s Hall of Fame football coach for 29 years. One of Mr. Edwards’s greatest strengths was knowing how to delegate.

In conclusion, delegation empowers employees and frees up time for managers. Who wouldn’t want that for their business? Furthermore, why not delegate your company’s finances to experienced professionals? As your CFO, we’ll gladly accept responsibility of your finances and help you generate the cash flow your company deserves. Simply contact us and we can talk it over.

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