By Tyler Garrett, executive assistant to Randy Russon, founder of TOP CFOS

To us, efficiency means taking one or two steps to accomplish a task instead of ten steps (or, quickly accomplishing a task without sacrificing a quality result!). I think it takes creative thinking to find ways to be efficient. People who are efficient get twice as much done in a day than those who aren’t.

Several years ago, Randy was talking on the phone with one of our client’s employees. He got talking about the IRS and the employee said, “Randy, you would never make it in the IRS—you’re too efficient!” He really appreciated the compliment. Perhaps we’re people who don’t like our progress being inhibited!

In today’s business world, companies that run efficient operations tend to outdistance their competitors. Bloomberg recently published a report showing companies that were the most efficient. The reason why these companies were listed is their profit margins grew faster than their sales. In other words, they were very efficient at managing their money. Bloomberg’s report is called “Most Efficient: Companies.” The company that was named to the number one spot is Mueller Industries, which is in the industrial machinery industry. Their margin growth to sales growth stands at 23.9%. How would you like to own some stock in this company? This is a company that is well managed.

So, why doesn’t the whole world want to be efficient like the people at Mueller Industries? Probably because they’re not focusing on being efficient. At the same time, who wouldn’t want to get twice as much done in a day and move twice as fast down the road? For those who strive for efficiency, this is their reward. And here at TOP CFOS, efficiency is our guiding word. We promise constant, efficient CFO services.

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