By Tyler Garrett, executive assistant to Randy Russon, founder of TOP CFOS

You are the first one to arrive every morning and the last one to leave every night.

You are a finisher, not a quitter.

You do whatever it takes to make the business succeed.

You hang in there against all odds.

You stay in the race.

You go the twentieth mile to make things work.

You bend over backwards to help your customers.

You know the meaning of commitment.

You have tremendous follow-through ability.

You do everything to realize your dreams.

This is what entrepreneurship is all about.

For instance: Randy knows of a lady whom he calls the Tamale Lady, and this lady is the entrepreneur of all entrepreneurs. Several months ago, Randy would notice this sweet lady sitting by the roadside selling her tamales. She offered her tamales in four different flavors: pork, chicken, cheese, and jalapeno. She charged a buck a tamale. She had a little wagon that she pulled with a chest to keep her tamales hot. We have much admiration for this lady because it would have been easy for her to stand there and simply ask for a handout, but not her—she was an entrepreneur, and she had a business to run.

Then, one day, Randy noticed a truck. He thought, This is great, the Tamale Lady’s business is booming! She now has a truck from which to sell her tamales, instead of her little wagon! He also noticed the price of the tamales had increased by fifty cents. What a great lady for hanging in there against all odds to make her business work. We wish her well! And to all you entrepreneurs who are striving to see success in your business ventures, we wish you well as well.

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