Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients are you looking for?

We are looking for clients who have a desire to take their organization to the top. These clients understand that a good CFO is worth their weight in gold. We serve companies with or without a CFO onboard. Firms who already have a full-time CFO onboard engage us to find their hidden profit centers. And, companies who need a CFO engage our services simply because of the significant cost savings over hiring a full-time CFO.

I already have a great CPA/controller/accountant. Why do I need you guys?

We don’t compete with your current accounting staff, but simply augment what they already do best. CPAs, controllers, and accountants are well trained to input the numbers correctly, whereas finance people are well trained to interpret the numbers correctly. And, this is where our tremendous value comes in: the ability to extract significant information about your business to help it grow. By interpreting the numbers, we offer the very best in financial guidance.

What do you mean by finding hidden profit centers?

In our work , we come across hidden profit centers all the time. We literally find thousands upon thousands of dollars that firms could be keeping or earning. All they have to do is follow through on what we discover! This is not just occasionally, but the majority of the time when we’re working with firms. Good CFOs also come with a healthy dose of curiosity, which lends to finding hidden profit centers.

What does financial analysis mean?

Financial analysis means taking our unique perspective along with some very powerful financial analysis tools and looking beneath the surface to see what’s going on inside your business. Behind every number is a story, and it’s our job to uncover the story of your business.

What do you mean by strategic planning?

Planning great business strategies is the way companies grow and expand. One trait that really helps is when a good CFO has the mindset of an entrepreneur, and we bring these talents to the strategy table.

If we’re interested in your services, what is the process?

For our value-added CFO services, please fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you. We look forward to serving you!

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