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Five Simple Words to Drastically Increase Organization at Work

By Mckenna Gustafson, executive assistant at TOP CFOS

The research is clear: there is a direct relationship between clutter and effectiveness in the workplace. 91% of workers say that they would be more effective and efficient if their workspace was better organized. 28 % said they would save over an hour per day and 27 % said they would save thirty-one to sixty minutes each day.

So how can you be more organized in the workplace? The masters of zen and organization- the Japanese- bring us five S’s that will guide workplace organization and efficiency.


Remove all unnecessary items from the workspace. That pile of magazines from last month you never read? Maybe they should be tossed in the recycle bin or placed out of sight in a cupboard.

Set in order:

Customize your work space to make it effective for what you need. Put the items you use most frequently closest to your reach. Identify where storage is needed and invest in a few storage systems to cut down on clutter. Experts recommend clearing your desk at the end of each day so at least 80 percent of the desktop is visible, so you’ll come to work in the morning with a fresh perspective and less stress.


If there is anything broken, out-of-date, or dirty, make sure to repair it, replace, it or recycle it to maintain a clean and fresh appearance. You’ll feel better about your workspace and you’ll take greater pride in your work.


Have a specific process you can follow to make sure things don’t get messy again.  For example, make a goal to handle papers only once, making an immediate decision about an action to take or whether it can be tossed.


Follow the procedures you have created for yourself. It requires a lot of self-control to not take shortcuts, but doing so over time will increase your productivity and help you have more time for the things that matter, like helping clients, instead of searching for that important document.

We recognize that as fully engaged business owners, you care about the organization of the details of the company. That’s why we’re here. We’ll get down to the details of the finances of your business to find hidden profit centers. Contact us for more information below. We’d love to meet up- lunch is on us!

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