Follow Through

By Tyler Garrett, executive assistant to Randy Russon, founder of TOP CFOS

One of the greatest qualities any leader can have is to follow through. This means that, as a leader, you walk the walk. In other words, if you have a meeting with someone else and you agree to do such and such, when the meeting is over, you go out and do exactly what you agreed to do in the meeting. As a CEO or business owner, your employees will reward you over and over again for being this kind of a leader. This builds complete trust in any organization, which reminds us of a story we’d like to share about one of Randy’s job interviews he had after college.

After he received his degree in finance from Brigham Young University, Randy traveled to Anchorage, Alaska, to visit his sister and her husband. They were in the process of building their new home and needed some help for about three weeks. Randy was glad to get away and loved seeing the country in Alaska. While he was there, Randy’s sister introduced him to one of the bank presidents, and he was offered a job right there at the bank.

What was interesting was what one of the secretaries told Randy about the bank president when he went into the interview. She said that this man was a person of real integrity and someone everyone in the bank could trust. She said that he told the same story on Monday that he told on Wednesday and any other day of the week. What a compliment!

When we’re on the phone or in a meeting with another party, we usually take copious notes because we don’t want to forget anything we’ve agreed to do at the meeting. Then, after the phone call or meeting is over, we sit down and organize the notes we’ve taken. This way, we have in writing what it is that we agreed to do. We personally believe that good note-taking really helps any leader with follow-through ability. You can also ask your secretary to take notes for you while you are in a meeting. Then, he or she can share the notes with you afterwards as a reminder of what you have agreed to do.

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