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Generating Revenue Streams

Today’s post is by Scott Russon, Social Media Director at TOP CFOS

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In the beginning, a typical business founder starts with an idea that he or she is passionate about, and begins to profit from it. Most business owners can say they are in it for the money, because life revolves around money, and we cannot live without it – we depend upon it. So with that in mind, one should consider having multiple income streams in case the main stream fails. Creating more streams of income can help you feel secure financially.

Visualize all your money in a big bowl surrounded by mountains. Currently you have a steady stream flowing into the bowl, slowly filling it up. This is good, but what if the stream dries up? You would eventually run out of money. But imagine multiple streams flowing into your bowl. You wouldn’t have to worry if one quits. Wouldn’t it be nice to see several revenue streams flowing into your bank account every month? Let’s look at some ways to create more income streams.

Invest your money. Many businesses invest their money straight into the stock market, which is a great way to multiply your income if you know what you’re doing. Another way is through a stock broker who spends their entire day following the stock market. There are also CD ladders, bonds, notes, hedge funds, etc. Investing is a smart, high return potential that can provide another stream to your income. Another great potential income stream is to invest in yourself.

A smart, low-risk, profitable way is investing into your own business. Do you offer a service that is compatible with a product? Research and develop that product to gain more of the market share. Additionally, look for products to sell that complement each other. For example, hot dogs and hot dog buns, or printers and ink. Furthermore, you can create a brand new product or service to sell through your business. Maybe it’s time for a new strategy to re-attract your customers. Look for ways to grow your business, advertise and promote it to gain more customers. Keep raising your company to a new level, over and over again. Eventually when you have multiple income streams, you will find a sense of financial security, which is worth the hard work to get there.

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