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So, why is having an attitude of gratitude so important in leadership? This is important, because it helps you appreciate those you lead. You begin to look for all the good your employees do and appreciate the many talents and abilities they have. Cheryl Conner is a contributor to Forbes and she wrote an article entitled, “Gratitude in Business: The Appreciation That Inspires Employees”. Her opening sentence reads as follows, “Of every kind of gratitude that matters in business, one of the most vital is a company’s appreciation for its great employees. Even more than money, an environment of gratitude, the opportunity to serve with great leaders and genuine appreciation inspires employees to engage fully and to produce stellar work.” I totally agree with this. Gratitude is one of the qualities every CEO should have.

In his blog article entitled, “Knocking down Doors – Why Gratitude is the Secret to Being a Great CEO” writer Michael Ortner shares the following. “I believe that living with gratitude has the power to teach, inspire, and cultivate the best in all of us.  This includes our ability to lead. And gratitude always starts with humility.

Humility has tangible benefits to any organization. One study found that humble CEOs inspire middle- and upper-management to work smarter and enjoy their jobs more. Rodney Anderson, the CEO of Pancheros Mexican Grill, adds that humility inspires CEOs to better their companies. He says, “Being receptive to… feedback and taking it well can allow you to address issues and alter certain practices to better serve your customers.” Gratitude opens a whole new world of understanding.

A person with gratitude tends to look on the brighter side of life. Instead of the glass of water being half empty this person always sees it being half full. A person with gratitude is also enjoyable to be around, because they are always looking for the good in life. I love being around these kind of people. They always inspire me to be a better person. In closing, I would like to express my gratitude for our readers of this blog. Thank you for coming here to our blog and reading our weekly articles. We hope you will always find some benefit in doing so.

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