What Great CFOs Don’t Do

By Mckenna Gustafson, blog writer at TOP CFOS
Smart business owners recognize that the financial success of their company comes in large part from the guidance and counsel of great CFOs.

What is the difference between a great CFO and a not-so-great CFO? That difference could mean millions of dollars in revenue for your company!

First, great CFOs don’t try to do it all on their own. Great CFOs know the importance of a team of smart financial analysts working together with a common goal. This is the best way to increase shareholder value. The best CFOs know that it is their responsibility to inspire, guide, and believe in their team.

Next, great CFOs don’t ever put financials aside. They know that putting financials first in any business decision or strategy is the way to achieve success.

Great CFOs also don’t ignore financial analysis and interpretation. The larger the company, the more there is to analyze. A great CFO knows that finding hidden profit centers can only happen when he or she is meticulous in analyzing every financial detail of a company’s financial records.

Also, Great CFOs don’t take relationships for granted.  The single most important commonality among all successful CFOs is their excellence in managing relationships. They especially work with key external stakeholders such as investors, bankers, lenders, and industry peers. The successful CFO makes people comfortable by inspiring trust as they make financial decisions.

Finally, great CFOs don’t give up the chance to sit at the strategy table of the firms they serve. They have unique insights because of their expertise in the financial systems of the company. They will directly contribute to setting the strategy, not just simply supporting it.

The TOP CFOS Difference

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