How Steve Jobs Started Apple cfo

How Steve Jobs Started Apple

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Every great company has to start somewhere, and for Apple, it was in a garage. Steve Jobs lived an interesting life. He didn’t have the grand goal in mind, instead, he looked for golden opportunities right in front of him and took them. He didn’t care what the world would think of him so long as he was content. He took a bendy road through life that eventually led him to great success.

Apple today is such a great company because of who Steve was. He had the knowledge and passion to create the next best thing. He didn’t care what it would take to get there so long as no one would get in his way. It is crazy to think that the CEO Steve hired would eventually fire him. The current CEO and the board members had valid reasons for Steve to leave. He wasn’t the politest person in the room, and he let people know. But, after he was fired, Apple soon realized that Steve was a valuable asset to the company and hired him back to be their CEO. Steve knew where to take the company and he built it solid enough that it still stands strong today.

Apple is all about simplicity and because of it; most people you know have an iPhone. Apple will continue to be successful because they take the time to look at the whole picture. For example, right now, the FBI is asking Apple to build a key and access data from an iPhone associated with the San Bernardino terrorist attack. However, Apple states that they will not comply with the order because doing so would put millions of people at risk. Apple’s security measures don’t have any ‘backdoors’ to simply open an iPhone. Instead they protect user’s data as a secure cell block that no one has access to except the user who resides inside. Apple takes a step back to analyze the big picture and wisely chooses the best route. It’s because of this that Apple will continue to be successful.

Steve Jobs laid the foundation and principles that Apple uses today. Although Steve wasn’t always socially acceptable, his extra ordination took him and his company to the top. Steve was constantly looking at all the possibilities to the future.

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