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Tyler Howell
Tyler Howells, President
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A good cfo is worththeir weight in gold

Tyler Howell

I’m Tyler Howells, president and founder at Cozy Earth, LLC. Our firm offers premium bamboo sheets & bedding – made of the softest and longest lasting material. We’ve been in business since July of 2012. Our company is growing significantly, and last fall I felt the need to add CFO services on a part-time basis.

Randy Russon with TOP CFOS had provided services to me in a prior company, and I loved the services he offered then. So, I reached out to him again and asked him to offer his services in our new business. As Randy took on this assignment, he dove into the books and started doing financial analysis. Specifically, he told me that he was doing what they call ratio analysis. From what I understand, this is where you divide two numbers into each other to come up with a ratio. I guess by doing this, it gives CFO’s real insight into what’s going on with the finances of a company.

The two numbers Randy focused on were merchant account fees and total income. He divided merchant account fees by total income and came up with a ratio of 4.6%. This meant we were paying through the nose for this service. I was so glad he brought this to my attention. A new provider was secured who offered the same service at just under 2%.

Because of our growth, Randy forecasted our savings on this one find alone at well over $200,000 over a 10 year period. To me this is an incredible discovery he made right to begin with while serving as our CFO. As the saying goes, a good CFO is worth their weight in gold! I highly recommend the services of TOP CFOS. These guys know what they are doing. Feel free to reach out to me anytime at

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