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The Oxford Dictionary defines Integrity as, “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” Wouldn’t you want your company to be known for these principles? A company that is honest with strong positive values is a company I want to do business with. It should be every company’s goal to have integrity.

How can you achieve this? Set the example as the leader of the company with good firm integrity. Then hire good employees that show integrity. As long as everyone running the business is honest and has good moral values, then everything the company does should reflect integrity.

I believe integrity is a value that almost everyone secretly wants to have. But, people are lazy; there are so many other choices that compete with it that people choose the ‘easier’ route. However, in the end, those who choose to have integrity are the real winners. Having this trait can do many things for someone. Demonstrating integrity on a daily basis catches people’s attention, especially employers and other business people.

Integrity is a great trait to have. I know of people who have been hired simply because of their integrity. It’s becoming a less frequent trait. When employers see people who are honest and have strong beliefs, they hire them. In a movie called, ‘Courageous’, there is a scene on integrity. A man comes in for an interview to be promoted and the employer asks him to lie on the next freight shipment. The man goes home and talks to his family about it worried that if he doesn’t lie, he’ll lose the much needed promotion. A few days later he comes back to the interview and decides to tell the employer that he cannot lie, it is wrong. The employer then tells the man that is correct. They were testing him to see if he would lie, or be honest no matter what. He was the last person in the factory to be interviewed, but the only one that showed integrity and got the promotion.

Integrity is everything; it’s how you live your life day to day. Not many people have it, but it’s a highly-valued skill that the world is in great need of. If you want your business to do extra good, act with integrity. Make sure you use it all the time, no matter who’s watching, because you never know who really is watching.

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