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Introduction to our Blog

Today’s post is by Randy Russon, founder of TOPCFOS

This is Randy Russon and welcome to our blog. In today’s blog we simply want to introduce ourselves and fully explain what our blog is all about. Our blog is tailored to CEO’s and business owners who want to take their organization to the top. We will cover topics of interest that will inspire and educate. Our hope is that you will engage our services at some point in time.

TOP CFOS mission is to provide CFO Services to companies the world over. Creating shareholder value for our clients is what we do best. We do this through serving as your value-added CFO, finding hidden profit centers, and taking a seat at the strategy table of your firm. When firms engage us to serve as their CFO, we do so with these objectives in mind. We love providing firms with the very best in financial guidance. We also want to share our core values with you.

Our first core value is service – we will go out of our way to offer unsurpassed service to others. Our second core value is integrity – we will perform our services with integrity. Our third core value is knowledge – we will always find ourselves on the forefront of knowledge in our chosen field. Our fourth core value is kindness – we will offer kindness to all those we come in contact with. And, our fifth core value is enthusiasm – we will approach every assignment with enthusiasm, because we absolutely love what we do. Our blog is tailored to topics of interest to CEO’s and business owners.

We will cover topics of interest in the following twelve categories – boards, business operations, customer service, entrepreneurship, finance, government, human capital, leadership, marketing, risk, strategy, and technology. We know that the running of a successful company is complex and not easy. We hope you will find upcoming blogs from these twelve categories to be inspiring and educational. So that you will know what to expect, please let us share our production schedule with you.

We will publish weekly blogs every Monday. We hope you will subscribe to our RSS feed and look forward to reading our blog at the beginning of every week. We know you will be pleasantly surprised with the content you will find. And, we look forward to sharing this with you! Our next blog will come from the finance category entitled, Will CFO Services uncover Your Hidden Profit Centers? To learn more about what TOP CFOS has to offer, please feel free to peruse through our website. And, thank you for joining us!