boat that knows where it's heading is like a business that knows about goal setting, cfo

Jumpstart Your Business with Goal Setting

By Mckenna Clarke, blog writer at TOP CFOS

A ship without a rudder is at the mercy of the winds that drive it. Likewise, a business without clearly defined goals is at the mercy of the financial world.

As a small business owner, it’s likely that you have big dreams. You want to make millions, gain market share, sell that app, retire early, or revolutionize your industry. No matter what it is, you’re not going to get there unless you have a very clear game plan. Even if you know exactly where you want to end up, you’re going to need to know what to do to get there. Setting goals can help you do just that.

Your Employees

Employees will be motivated to work together to reach your business goals when they share the same vision.

Lolly Daskal, CEO of Lead From Within says, “There’s nothing more frustrating than a workplace filled with visions and big dreams, but no translation of those aspirations into the strategic goals that make them achievable. Without that connection, it’s all just talk. What talented person wants to spend his or her time and energy in support of something undefined? People like to know that they’re working to create something, not just spinning their wheels.”

Help employees see the same vision

Help your employees see your vision by giving them clear steps to follow to get there with you. You may even consider making an action plan and hanging it on the wall. If everyone has a clearly defined set of objectives, they will all be on the same page and be motivated to achieve the goals with you.

Help your employees to see how their daily tasks fit into the bigger picture. It can be easy for employees to get bogged down with their daily tasks. But, if they see how their seemingly mundane tasks are helping drive the business to success they will feel more motivated and you will too!

How can we help?

Whatever your financial or business goals may be, it’s nice to have someone there to help you along the way. That’s where TOP CFOS can come into play.We would love to be the catalyst behind your firm’s success. If you feel that you need a little help reaching your goals, or if you just want to talk over your plan with someone, we would love to know about your business goals. Give us a call today at 801-226-9075. We look forward to hearing from you!