Live Operator vs. a Recording

Today’s post is by Randy Russon, founder of TOPCFOS

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No doubt about it, we live in the digital age. Never in the history of the world has a society been able to enjoy as much technology as we do today. Literally, there have been countless inventions that make life easier for all of us. Steve Jobs is currently on the front cover of Time magazine, and they said of him, “The Genius Who Changed Our World”. Steve and all the talented people at Apple have truly made, using Steve’s words, “a dent in the universe”. Truly, this is an incredible day in which we live. Now, let’s turn our attention to today’s topic.

Several years ago, voice recognition software burst upon the world scene in business replacing live operator jobs by the thousands. Good secretaries were replaced by software that answered the telephone when someone called. The driving force behind this phenomenon was the inordinate difference in cost. The cost of using voice recognition software to greet your customers was many thousands of dollars less versus a live operator. But wait, what did corporate America give up as they marched down this road of adding more profits to the bottom line? Was it great customer service coming from your secretary? Was it that cheerful greeting in his/her voice that inspired customers to want to come back for more?

Who was that live operator serving when he/she answered the telephone live? Of course, it was your customer. So, here’s the question. Is this new technology called voice recognition software inspiring your customers to want to come back for more? Or, could it sometimes be a point of frustration for your customers? Does this frustration ever drive potential new customers away? Customers love to be served, and if you want to build your business, offering unsurpassed customer service is the way to do it. Customers will come back again and again for this kind of service, even if it costs a little bit more.

Perhaps its time for American business to rethink the advantages of voice recognition software over that of a live operator.

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