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By Tyler Garrett, executive assistant to Randy Russon, founder of TOP CFOS

Merriam-Webster defines organized as “having a formal organization to coordinate and carry out activities.” At TOP CFOS, we cherish organization. So many benefits come from being organized: you get twice as much done, you feel in control, and your life is more at peace.

Years ago, Randy owned a juice company in a local business park. He had a neighbor who owned a repair shop, and every now and then, Randy would drop by his shop. This owner had tools and parts strewn from one end of the place to the other. The shop was a complete mess. One day Randy was visiting and the owner was looking for a tool so he could start his first job for the day. He looked high and low, but couldn’t find his tool anywhere. As he was wasting time looking for this tool, Randy thought, Why don’t you just organize this shop, then you could simply walk over pick up your tool and start working on your first job for the day? Think of how simple and easy this would be!

Here in the office we love the feeling of looking around at our desks and seeing everything put away. When we don’t see any papers floating around, it gives us the best feeling in the world. We feel like we’re totally in control and can conquer anything. We truly feel like the masters of our destinies. A while ago, Randy was visiting in the office of Daniel Leombruno, CPA, who owns Plum Accounting. He was so impressed as he looked around his office. He didn’t see one scrap of paper anywhere on the desks. This was definitely a paperless office. Surely Dan felt totally in control in this setting. Compliments to Dan for being so organized!

Finally, we truly believe that a life that is in control is a life at peace. When you have a handle on every aspect of your life, peace is the natural result. When you feel at peace with yourself, this has a very positive influence in your life. This peace leads to better relationships with family, friends, and at work. You also have better relationships at church or in the community. In summary, being organized allows you to get twice as much done, feel in control, and be at peace.

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