Ideal Client, CFO

Our Ideal Client

By Tyler Garrett, executive assistant to Randy Russon, founder of TOP CFOS

Here at TOP CFOS, we work with a variety of impressive clients. All of these clients are a delight to work with, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping them enhance their firms’ values and profits. We’re always excited to work with new, ideal clients. The ideal client is someone who:

Puts finances first.

We recognize that managing a business has many responsibilities, from responding to emails to securing new client-partnerships. However, any successful CEO knows that the key to running an effective business is to be highly attentive to finances. At TOP CFOS, we are very mindful of our own finances, let alone the finances of our excellent clients. We value working with clients who share this priority.

Delegates finances to us.

Two people rowing a rowboat is better than one person rowing a rowboat. Though, if both rowers are rowing in opposite directions, the boat will spin in circles, despite the rowers’ best intentions. We understand that managers value their finances and that it can be hard to fully delegate that responsibility to someone else. However, while clients have let TOP CFOS fully take care of their financial needs, they’ve been able to see an increase in their companies’ overall productivity (in addition to their financial profits). The ideal client rows with us, following our lead with finances.

Is ambitious and organized.

Nothing is more attractive to us than CEOs who want to take their businesses to the moon. We cherish the clients who want their businesses to go places, and here at TOP CFOS, we want to help you get your business to where it needs to go. We share your dream of producing a productive, flourishing business. We also know that in order for a business to gain ground, that business has to possess great organizational skills. Nothing can fall through the cracks, and the clients who have a firm grasp on organization will greatly enjoy working with us, who place a great emphasis on organization as well.

Has integrity and fosters a work-friendly environment.

The ideal client values integrity in a business setting. Those clients know that the key to success is to be honest in all business dealings. We share this value, and we also value producing a work-friendly environment for our employees. The ideal client places an emphasis on this as well, for happy employees are the heart of any thriving company.

All of these attributes compose the character of our ideal client. If you and your firm embody any of these characteristics, then we’d love to help assume your financial responsibilities and assist you in generating success for the coming years.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog. Remember, TOP CFOS offers the finest CFO services to companies that want to take their businesses to the top. We love being the catalyst behind firms’ soaring profits, and we’d love to be a part of your team. Our contact info can be easily found on our website, so feel free to reach out anytime.

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