Power of Listening, CFO

The Power of Listening Well

By Mitch Owens

Here at TOP CFOS, we understand the power of listening. So many people are overly interested in hearing themselves talk. Too many people think that what they have to say is more important than what others have to say. As business people though, we all understand that listening has many more benefits than talking.

The Power of Listening to Clients

As the saying goes: the customer’s always right! At TOP CFOS, we understand that the clients’ concerns always come first. If our clients aren’t happy, then our business isn’t succeeding.

In order to help those clients better, we need to be able to listen and help them resolve their problems. We can assume what they’re issues are and talk out a potential solution, but until we listen, we won’t be able to help them as effectively. Listening lends to rich, rewarding, and delightful solutions.

The Power of Listening to Employees

If CEOs are the head of a business, then employees are the rest of the body. Employees are the ones who sell products, find new clients, and keep the business running. If employees are experiencing difficulty though, it can be hard for the business to run as efficiently.

That’s where the power of listening comes in. Employees, like everyone else, need to feel heard. They need to feel like their concerns are understood. They need to feel validated. You can try to downplay concerns that employees are experiencing, but as you listen to them, you can help them solve their problems and get back on track to success.

The Power of Listening to Associates

Forging relationships with business associates is just as important as forging relationships with clients and employees. As with those relationships, listening can be a catalyst to producing quality relationships with peers and associates. When you listen to one another in a professional environment, respect for one another is gained.

Listening to associates is also important because you’re able to take note of important details. You’ll be able to remember these details of the conversation and bring them up in future meetings. If tasks are discussed in this conversation, you’ll be better able to remember them and take care of them with much more precision.

In this world of talk talk talk, we would do well to simply listen. Whether it’s clients, employees, or associates, everyone needs to feel understood. As your associate at TOP CFOS, you can count on us to listen to your concerns and help you reach viable solutions.

If you would like to dive a little deeper into this topic, take a look at this Ted Talk by William Ury.

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