The Power of a Smart Phone

The Power of a Smart Phone

Today’s post is by Scott Russon, Social Media Director at TOP CFOS

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In today’s world, it seems as though everyone owns a smart phone. It truly is incredible the technology that we have and how easily accessible it is. We can surf the web, stream live events, buy products, take pictures, contact anyone, and so much more all in one single device – a smart phone. And the exciting part is that technology has advanced so much that it all fits in your pocket.

Even though we have the technology, it is impossible to utilize all of the features that a smart phone offers. There is so much material available that we can’t even live long enough to read it. Every day there are millions of new developments and discoveries found. It continually changes everything we do. Even though we can’t process all of it, it’s amazing that we can get whatever we want, whenever and wherever we want it. We have the ability to learn so much more than ever before.

Using a smart phone in business is smart. There are several apps that you can use for your business. There are apps for team projects, tracking and analyzing data, and even customer checkout. The world is constantly changing, and to run a successful business, you need to stay up to date and move with the times.

As business owners, it’s almost mandatory that you have a smart phone. With it, you can edit documents, view presentations, email a client, or schedule an upcoming appointment. It allows you to be mobile without the need of an office. You’re smart phone replaces the office. So if you travel a lot, it comes in very handy.

Sometimes we get distracted on our smart phones. We aren’t paying attention to what is happening right in front of us. There is a time and a place for everything and that is so true.  It’s important that we put our devices away when we are involved with others. Nothing is more frustrating than talking to someone staring down at their phone. It makes you feel less valued and nonexistent. The smart phone is truly amazing, and we should harness the power it provides, but it’s essential to have a good balancing point for when to use it or not. You don’t want to lose a customer just because you were too busy on your phone. The technology is there, and it will change your business forever, using a smart phone

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