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How will the Tax Reform Change Your Tax Strategy?

Experts are predicting that the recent tax reform will create an abundance of new business growth and activity – just not the kind that lawmakers originally intended. These people are predicting a surge in efforts for reclassification and the organization of cover companies by employees so they can have their salaries recognized as business income, significantly lowering their tax burden as a result. Read more

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Growing Your Business on a Financially Sound Foundation

By Mitch Owens, blog writer at TOP CFOS

Of all the ways to gauge a business’s success, growth rate is perhaps the most useful. It not only validates a firm’s value proposition, but it also spells out opportunity. Increased cash from operations and investor interests enable growing businesses to maintain a competitive advantage while expanding their horizons. Everybody loves growth. However, too much growth can hurt businesses. By paying close attention to your financials, though segment and ration analysis, you will know how right rate to grow. Read more


Cash Flow Management and the Growth Conundrum

It seems intuitive. Increased revenue means increased profits, right? Of course this may be true in the simplest of cases but it’s typically wrong. The fact of the matter is that increased growth means increased complexity, and with this increased complexity there is a need for stringent cash flow management. Read more

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5 Tax Planning Secrets You Need to Know Before December

By Jacob Stewart, Tax Strategist at TOP CFOS

As the end of the year approaches, you can save yourself a lot of money and pain come tax-time by planning ahead. You can usually contribute to HSAs and retirement accounts as late as April 15th of the following year (as either an individual or as a business owner). Even though this is the case, most businesses must take and pay for their deductions by December 31st in order to count for the current tax year.  Creating a tax projection and plan can save you thousands of dollars in taxes. Here are some examples of things to consider: Read more

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Why It Pays to Shop

By Mckenna Gustafson, blog writer at TOP CFOS
They say it pays to shop.

We know the feeling: you make a big purchase only to discover down the road that you could have saved money if you had shopped somewhere else. Here at TOP CFOS we hate that feeling. There is nothing worse than realizing that you could have saved money had you made a different decision. We work hard as your outsourced CFO to ensure that this kind of feeling never happens to our clients. Ever. Finding hidden profit centers is what we do and we are proud of it.  Read more


What Great CFOs Don’t Do

By Mckenna Gustafson, blog writer at TOP CFOS
Smart business owners recognize that the financial success of their company comes in large part from the guidance and counsel of great CFOs.

What is the difference between a great CFO and a not-so-great CFO? That difference could mean millions of dollars in revenue for your company!

First, great CFOs don’t try to do it all on their own. Great CFOs know the importance of a team of smart financial analysts working together with a common goal. This is the best way to increase shareholder value. The best CFOs know that it is their responsibility to inspire, guide, and believe in their team. Read more