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Five Simple Words to Drastically Increase Organization at Work

By Mckenna Gustafson, executive assistant at TOP CFOS

The research is clear: there is a direct relationship between clutter and effectiveness in the workplace. 91% of workers say that they would be more effective and efficient if their workspace was better organized. 28 % said they would save over an hour per day and 27 % said they would save thirty-one to sixty minutes each day.

So how can you be more organized in the workplace? The masters of zen and organization- the Japanese- bring us five S’s that will guide workplace organization and efficiency. Read more

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Operational Risk

Today’s post is by Scott Russon, Social Media Director at TOP CFOS

Welcome to our blog today! TOP CFOS offers the finest CFO services to companies around the world who want to take their organization to the top. We love to be the catalyst behind your firm’s soaring profits as well as being a part of your team! For your convenience, we provide an RSS feed at the bottom of our website so you can subscribe to our Blog. Today’s post comes from the Risk category entitled, “Operational Risk.”

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