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CFO services in Provo UT help this woman battle burnout

8 Things You Can Do to Battle Burnout

By Mckenna Clarke, blog writer at TOP CFOS

Stress is an expected part of the workplace, but extreme pressures can lead to burnout. Burnout symptoms include distancing oneself from work, exhaustion, feelings of lack of achievement, and extreme negativity. These symptoms, in turn, have been shown to lead to an increase in negative health problems like hypertension, sleep disturbance, and depression. 

Last November, the Harvard Business Review writer Monique Valcour came out with an article outlining the risks of burnout and how to prevent it. In short, she says, while we may not be able to control our environment, it’s our reaction the stresses that determines our health and happiness.  Read more

best of 2016 cfo services

2016 Year in Review: Best Blog Posts

By Mckenna Clarke, blog writer at TOP CFOS

As 2016 draws to a close, we would like to highlight 5 of our best blog posts from the year. These posts received the most views and interactions on social media.

According to our records, here are the most popular TOP CFOS blog posts of 2016:

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5 Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace

By Mckenna Gustafson, blog writer at TOP CFOS

We each have different associations of what teamwork means to us. For some, it may be flashbacks to lessons taught by a coach on the little-league soccer team. For others it may be an image of people shaking hands. And some may think of those team-building games we all did in middle school. Regardless of our initial associations with teamwork, it is clear that teamwork is required in every stage of life.

So how can teamwork benefit the culture and success of the workplace?

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