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Have you ever watched a colony of ants? They have an incredible amount of unity and teamwork. Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan talks about this in his article entitled, “The Story of The Ants and Teamwork”. He tells the story about where he once watched a hundred or more ants carrying a sugar bee to its desired destination. The success of their endeavor was due to teamwork, not individual effort. None of the ants could have accomplished the task alone. When out in nature, I have also watched ants carry food for their colony and it’s incredible what they carry as a team. The same is also true of the honeybee.

Author Jon Perry shares his views in an article he writes entitled, “Teamwork in the work place- a lesson from the Honeybee”. As he states, “Teamwork is essential to the survival of any organization and the Honeybee is the world’s leading teamwork expert. The Honeybees amazing organization methods have been tried to perfection over the past 35 million years. If you are attempting to run a multibillion dollar corporation, or a small nonprofit organization, there are many lessons taught by the bee which can be applied directly to you.” Great CEO’s know how to create this spirit of teamwork among coworkers. Good things are accomplished when everyone on the team is pulling in the same direction. I have always believed in the following phrase – there is strength in unity.

I also love watching great basketball teams working together as a team. This year, Duke took the number one spot again in the NCAA national basketball championship. This is their 5th national title under the great leadership of Coach Mike Krzyzewski. Coach Krzyzewski knows what teamwork is all about. Teamwork happens when players learn to rely on each other. Some of the greatest plays in sports history have come about, because of this. As a spectator, it’s really fun to watch these kinds of plays. When players learn to play as a team they can really go places. And, basketball is definitely a team sport. The same is true in a business where there’s lots of players on the team (Coworkers). When coworkers learn to rely on each other companies can make great strides forward.

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