Technology – Keeping a Perspective

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Have we become too reliant on technology? Enjoy this answer – here. Technology allows professionals in the business world to connect with each other instantaneously and frequently. By so doing, professionals in service based industries can respond to customer demand quickly and efficiently, which in turn increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. But certain forms of technological communication can inhibit the development of business relationships. When you choose to text or email instead of call or meet face to face, then the body language of other individuals cannot be read and the right course of action may not always be taken. For example, if a customer were dissatisfied with your product and your communication with that individual were primarily through email, you may not be able to read the extent of their dissatisfaction and make amends with that individual in a way that will retain them as a loyal customer to your business. This is why keeping technology in perspective is so important.

As professionals in business, we should not let technology be our master, rather let technology be our servant. First and foremost, the technology solutions we choose should always inspire our customers to want to come back again and again for more. If we are not accomplishing this goal, we have simply missed the mark. Another important consideration we need to look at in keeping technology in perspective is brought out in the following article entitled, “7 Signs we are too dependent On Technology”.

According to the article, the number one sign that we are too reliant on technology is – if the internet is down, work is over for the day. Is this how many of us feel about the way we conduct business? Business was conducted, services were provided, and products were manufactured for centuries without the use of the internet or even telephone communication. Keeping a perspective on the right use of technology means that you are using technology in the most efficient way possible; that is to grow your business or create value for stakeholders. There are certainly ways individuals can do that when the internet is down for the day. This is another example of how we’ve let technology become our master and not our servant. MSNBC shares their perspective in the following video entitled, “Are we too reliant on technology?

This video spotlights glitches that recently occurred and halted business at the NYSE and United Airlines. We have so much reliance on technology, but the real issue comes because we haven’t fully protected ourselves when they go down. There should be great focus on actually becoming more reliant on technology by maintaining adequate back-ups, while at the same time always expecting glitches and imperfections with technological systems. In closing, here’s a really cool video about keeping technology in perspective. Click here.

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