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The Technology Revolution – Interview with DevMountain

Today’s post is by Randy Russon, founder of TOPCFOS

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The title of today’s blog is The Technology Revolution. Today’s blog is adapted from today’s podcast where I invited two special guests to be with us. I invited Tyler Richards, who is a co-founder of DevMountain along with Mo Reeder, who is their general manager to be on the show today. DevMountain is located here in Provo, Utah just south of the majestic mountain peaks of Mt. Timpanogos.

I met Tyler and Mo at a business lunch called Link N Lunch last week. Tyler spoke at this lunch and told us about his company. I was really impressed about what he had to say concerning their school where they teach people how to code in 12 weeks. They are definitely involved in the age of technology. I am going to share highlights of the podcast interview with you.

Randy: Tyler, tell us about your company and exactly what your company does. I’m also curious to know why you chose the name DevMountain.

Tyler: So, DevMountain, we’re a code school as Randy said and we’re right in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. I think maybe I’ll start off with explaining why we chose DevMountain first and that’s truly it, because we’re right next door to amazing mountains and peaks, great entertainment, and great locals throughout the Wasatch Range. We just brainstormed when we started this company a little over a year and a half ago and said what is the thing that makes Utah so different? The first thing our students notice is these big beautiful mountains right behind our campuses. We’re a code school and we teach web development and iPhone development and we’re enjoying the wild ride.

Randy: Over the past several years we’ve seen some key players in this technology revolution such as Bill Gates with Microsoft and Steve Jobs with Apple. They have all come forward with some pretty cool inventions. These men and their companies have provided a lot of the technology our society enjoys today. Of course, there have been many other key players as well such as Adobe, IBM, Novell, and Intel, to name a few. Computers and the internet are far different today than they were back in the day of the 5.25” floppy disk drives and dial-up internet access. So, Tyler, my next question to you is what part does DevMountain play in this technology revolution?

Tyler: Wow, that’s a big question. I think we’re bringing up the next wave of excellent engineers, excellent developers, that are going to be fueling this technology revolution five, 10, 20 years from now. A lot of the demographic that is attending DevMountain that is learning this skillset are a younger generation. So, these guys are coming in super fresh either alongside college education attending a part-time class or going to our full-time classes. These guys are learning this skillset so they can work at these massive companies like Adobe, Domo, Money Desktop, and Facebook or Google. They’re the movers and shakers in the technology industry. We’re right there at the helm, but I’m probably tooting our own horn in saying that we’re leading the way.

Randy: Mo, just a question for you, what would you attribute this technology revolution to that our society has been enjoying?

Mo: So, I think that what fuels this technology boom is a maker’s movement of awesome people that are dedicated to themselves, to their families, and to the community. They’re talented, their creative and they’re making awesome products.

Randy: With this technology revolution, do you ever see it tapering off?

Mo: I think we’re just scratching the surface. I don’t think we’re even getting close. There are more jobs than there are people to fill them.

Tyler: If every developer in Utah took an open job, there would still be jobs left. I don’t ever see it going down just to say my piece. I don’t see this tapering off at all.

Randy: In my work offering CFO services, I usually find that the better run companies are the ones who stay on the forefront of technology. Tyler, what advice do you have for CEO’s who want to stay on the cutting edge of technology?

Tyler: Keep up-to-date with everything. Follow a lot of the things that your competitors are doing. If they are doing it, you should probably be doing it as well. 10 years ago, who knew iPhone apps or podcasts would be the next big thing? Technology moves so fast – there’s a new coding language every day that comes out. Stay on top of what’s hot and what’s working.

Randy: I believe that’s all the questions I have for both of you. I think it’s great, the society that we live in. We have so much to enjoy, and what a great day and age it is to live.

Tyler: Thank you so much for having us and letting us share our thoughts.

Mo: It’s been a pleasure – don’t be a stranger, come around campus more often!

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