Ethan Self

I gave up trying to make decisions by myself about my business years ago. It is just too hard to become proficient in one line of work while being good at the other. We have to trust and rely on specialists, such as a great CFO, to help us in any business venture. During the past two and a half years, I have used the services of TOP CFOS for all my financial decisions. Randy Russon, with TOP CFOS, has spent quite a bit of time interviewing me about my health insurance business, along with helping me plan great strategies.

Randy’s poignant questions and positive attitude have helped me feel comfortable in working with him. The first year we met, he helped me cut over $50,000 in expenses, thereby increasing my profits tremendously. Even though my wife is a CPA and helps me with accounting needs, she doesn’t have the background of doing financial analysis that Randy Russon has with TOP CFOS. I have referred quite a number of people to him, and will continue to do so.