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Today’s post is by Randy Russon, founder of TOPCFOS

This is Randy Russon and welcome to our post today. TOP CFOS offers the finest CFO Service anywhere in the world to companies who want to take their organization to the top. We absolutely love being a part of your success. We also love to be the catalyst behind your firm’s soaring profits! Today’s post comes from the Leadership category on our website and is entitled Topics of Interest.

Our post is written for CEO’s and business owners. If you are a CEO or a business owner, you’ve come to the right place for answers. On our website, we list 12 categories of topics of interest. These 12 categories are Boards, Business Operations, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Government, Human Capital, Leadership, Marketing, Risk, Strategy, and Technology.

And, in this post, we are simply asking for your input. Out of these 12 categories, what are the topics you would like us to cover? What are your pain points? What are your challenges and problems? How can we best help you? What would you like us to talk about? Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions at the end of today’s post. We look forward to receiving them!

We know what it takes to run a business, and it’s not easy. As the CEO of your company, probably one of your biggest challenges is knowing how to manage people. Managing people is the fine art of persuasion and negotiation. You have to have good people skills to run a large enterprise. You are dealing with the moods and emotions of people, and this is a daunting task knowing how to work in harmony with them. The forgoing topic falls under the Human Capital category. We have 11 other categories, so we look forward to your feedback!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our short post today. Please remember, TOP CFOS offers the finest CFO Service to companies anywhere in the world and would love to be a part of your team. Feel free to reach out to us anytime. Your feedback is most welcome, and we invite you to share this post with friends. Our contact information can easily be found on our website at Our next post will come from the Boards category on our website and is entitled Advisory Boards. And, thank you for joining us!