The Value of Meaningful Business Networking

The path to success isn’t always a straight line. We’re all familiar with this when we drive on roads away from our intended destination but towards the highway that ultimately leads us there. Despite this familiarity with our physical travels, many tend to seek straight paths towards their business goals, especially those involving business networking.

In search for the straight path to success, business professionals tend invest the much of their efforts in developing new skill sets and enhancing their knowledge. This is important to do, but taking this approach without investing the time and effort in building meaningful business connections is an unrealistically straight path to success. Effective business connections give you resources that the greatest skill sets do not.

Effectively Disseminate Information

Strategically developed business connections allow you to share your story, expertise, or product to disparate groups of people who will indirectly provide you with massive returns. By methodically connecting with well-connected people outside of your personal and professional comfort zones, you can develop an uncapped network of resources

Gives you inside information

With LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, developing useful connections is easier than ever. These resources provide vast amounts of public information, and at times, surface level private information, but they lack in their ability to give you the inside information that a experienced based business connection can give. Private information is the glue that holds people and their actions together. It includes knowledge about individuals specific plans and preferences, and can be a powerful resource in propelling you towards your goals. Investing thought, time, and resources into networking efforts enables you to build relationships that give you information needed to obtain a competitive advantage.

Provides Access to New Skill Sets

When  business connections are created around meaningful interactions built around service and common experiences, such as experiences in nonprofits, clubs, and recreational activities, they open a new world of resources. They move people from being someone you know to someone you can count on.

Ultimately, building business connections is paramount to personal and professional success, and should be a crucial part of any professional’s career strategy. By taking the time reach out to people outside of your comfort zone, being a part of their lives through shared experiences, you can find the best path to reach your goals. If you want to learn more about networking, click this link to read this article from Harvard Business Review

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