What is Great Customer Service?

Today’s post is by Randy Russon, founder of TOPCFOS

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This is just my personal opinion, but I think great customer service happens when you put a smile on your customers face. This tells me that you’ve hit the mark and succeeded in making one more customer happy. Customers will come back over and over again for this kind of service. Customers love great customer service! The following is also just my personal opinion, but I think great customer service happens when you answer the phone live, in person!

What a shock it would be to offer this service to your customers in today’s world! Wouldn’t this be a nice pleasant surprise? For the majority of companies nowadays, most customers are greeted with a recorded message. I know our world has the technology to do this now, but would you call this warm customer service? Hardly! The most important call any business will ever receive is from a customer. So, why not show your customers that their call is the most important call by answering the call live? You will run circles around your competitors if you will do just this one thing. Another very important part of great customer service is that of under promising on the service you render, then over performing on its delivery.

What this means is that if you tell a customer their order will be ready in two days, why not surprise them and have their order ready the following day? If you’re a builder, why not tell your customer that their remodeling job will be done in one month, then surprise them with a finish time in two weeks! You will never go wrong by always under promising, then over performing on delivery! This next item is also so important in delivering great customer service.

Never, never argue with a customer! No one ever wins an argument with a customer. The customer is the boss and always will be. You should bend over backwards to please your customer. When you go out of your way to please customers, they have friends and they tell their friends about your bend-over-backward service, especially in today’s Social Media world. Always exceed your customers’ expectations and you will end up being in business a very long time!

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