TOP CFOS is passionate about offering the finest quality outsourced CFO Services in Utah to give clients the greatest chance at finding their hidden profit centers and improving their profit returns.

Why It Pays to Shop

By Mckenna Gustafson, blog writer at TOP CFOS
They say it pays to shop.

We know the feeling: you make a big purchase only to discover down the road that you could have saved money if you had shopped somewhere else. Here at TOP CFOS we hate that feeling. There is nothing worse than realizing that you could have saved money had you made a different decision. We work hard as your outsourced CFO to ensure that this kind of feeling never happens to our clients. Ever. Finding hidden profit centers is what we do and we are proud of it. 

Here’s how.

Recently, one of our clients was looking to purchase an insurance policy for his company. He had received a quote from one insurance company and was about to sign it. Our founder looked at the quote and immediately knew that he would be able to find a cheaper alternative. After doing a little searching around other insurance agencies, our founder discovered a cheaper alternative. This wasn’t just any alternative. The offer from the other company saved our client not one, not two, but three thousand dollars. The second policy was a savings of nearly 75%!

The TOP CFOS Difference

We know what you’re thinking. This story is so remarkable that it can’t possibly happen too often. It may sound so incredible that a few minutes from our founder could save someone that much money, but it is absolutely true, and it saved someone lots of money, just this past week! This kind of thing has happened over and over to our clients. We believe that every client has some kind of profit center in their business, just waiting to be discovered.

Here at TOP CFOS we believe that every company has hidden profit centers- sources of potential profit that are not immediately apparent. We serve our clients by discovering their hidden profit centers, just like we did for our client that saved thousands on a simple insurance policy. We then recommend changes to make in order to utilize these profit centers. Finding hidden profit centers may take many forms: cutting expenses, identifying prior period profits, measuring and increasing ROI on expended funds, and many other scenarios.

Whether your company is large or small,  as your outsourced CFO, we guarantee to do all we can to find these hidden profit centers for you. Give us a call – we’d love to talk about how our CFO services can help you find the profit that is just waiting for you!